Illumiknation Station

We are the IllumIKnation Station Grassroots Education, a workshop cooperative that travels the country promoting education, exploration, community, and making a difference in the world. We are a 100% grassroots volunteer-driven educational non-profit.


TieDie with John Knight

So bright Tiedyes is based in Cleveland Ohio and is my way of funding my hobby of producing tiedye of any sort (clothes, bedsheet sets and tapestries. I started out just dying on random occasions and rinsing the dyes in my bathtub (thus my etsy shop is named bathtub tiedye). Since the I bathtub days I've set up a small tiedye studio to properly do my dyes in a more organized environment. I now dye on the daily bases and sell locally. Please feel free to ask me anything about my dyes. Id love to hear any input you have.


Bemused Screen Magic

Silksreen workshop with Bemused screen magic again so bring your yoga pants, pillow cases, your favorite hoodie, your next patch for your jacket and pull some ink onto it and learn all about screen printing all weekend once again!

uncle mud

Uncle Mud

Come dance and play in the mud with Uncle Mud. Join us at Pyro as we use adobe (mud) and natural materials you can find around your own home to build fairy castles and sculptures and even cozy houses and warm heated benches for snuggling. Uncle Mud (aka Chris McClellan) raises free-range, organic children in the wilds of northeast Ohio. Between building things out of mud and junk he writes for Mother Earth News Magazine and teaches simple DIY skills at workshops and fairs.



We are YOUR OmBase at festivals! We offer a variety of workshops, yoga classes, and healing arts such as massage, Thai massage, Reiki, Shamanism, and more! Our practitioners and teachers are experienced and knowledgeable. We aim to bring love, light and well-being to all those who attend. Swing by the OmBase Booth to sign up for a healing treatment, receive a FREE Cleansing , and to see our list of events/ classes for the weekend!!

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