The Festival Of Family and Love
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Pyro Art and Music Festival Documentary of Our Movement 2019

Creating a documentary about this gathering that represents our collective community and around the world family. I started throwing music festivals in 1996 and have maintained a vision outside of the corporate sponsorship influence of the music industry and Pyro is a honor to be part of... the project will fund the video crew, fund a tent that will be laid out to get video of what Pyro means to those there and involved, take pictures and allow people to upload any footage they would like to share.

We will have 15 go pros located through the event to get time lapse video of the art installations and campground come to life... Pyro represents where we have come to as musicians, artists and festival goers since this long development when there were few festivals to now major festivals being thrown and funded by big money. Pyro is a gathering, not just a festival and it means a lot to a lot of us! I thank you for believing in making this documentary a reality at all contribution levels!!!

The goal is capturing this one shot moment in time at the beautiful location of Nelson Ledges which holds a very special magic in the world! Thank you for believing!!!!

More Announcements Coming Soon!