Pyro After Party (Includes Camping)

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Come Join Us For The First Ever Pyro After Party On July 25th at Southington Offroad Park!

Announcing a concert camp out in Garrettsville Ohio with hiking, swimming, trail riding, kayaking and 1,500 acres of exploring to do!!! WHOAAA!!!!!
Running water bathrooms and showers too!?!?? Hellll yeah!!! And, yes AND we are building the stage in a spot that is going to blow your mind in front of a cliff wall that makes a beautiful natural amphitheater!!!
The date is going to include some incredible gathering space with us all in a group meditation and several speakers making this more than about the music and will be reflective of our intentions as we will be sharing time and space in a beautiful space and then celebrate with the Music of Nahko and Medicine for the People!!! Bring drums please and kids (under 13) are Free, everyone is VIP and vending information will follow!!! thank you for all the years we have co created and held space together, this is very special and I wouldn’t be here without you!!!


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