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General FAQs

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General Ticket Information:

What Is a GA Ticket?

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GA ticket prices include entry, and camping in tent city for Fri – Sun. There is no additional charge for parking.

Early Bird Tickets:

What Is a Pre Party Ticket?

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You can arrive a day early, and enjoy a full night of music while you get settled in for only $15 in advance, or $20 at the gate. All Thursday arrivals must also purchase a GA ticket

Gate Tickets:

How Much Is a GA GateTicket?

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Friday Arrivals – $120.00

Saturday Arrivals – $90.00.

Venue Address:

What is The Address?

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12001 State Rt. 282
Garrettsville, OH 44231


Where Do You Camp?

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Camping in tent city is included in the cost of your ticket.

-3 tents per campsite.

RV campsites are $90.00 in advance or $100.00 at the gate.

-Park your RV at a designated campsite

-Closer to the stage then GA camping.

**No driving is permitted inside the camp ground once parked. There will be a $0.00 re-entry fee.**

*** A person with a General Admission ticket can camp at a Camp at a RV campsite that has been paid for by someone else.***

RV Camping and Passes: RVs

What Is The RV Policy

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There is no waste dumping, electric, or water hook-ups available in the RV Camping area so make sure your water tank is full and your waste tank is empty upon arrival. You must purchase an RV campsite to bring your RV, or pull behind.


Where Do You Park?

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There is no additional charge for parking. General admission parking will be assigned by the gate staff. You will be able to park by your tent unless the venue is full. All RVS (including pull behinds) will need to purchase the RV upgrade. Once you have parked driving is prohibited, and if you must leave a $10.00 re-entry fee will be assessed.

Stage Information:

Covered Stages

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Both of our stages this year will be covered. You can enjoy all of the scheduled music no matter the weather! We expect great weather this year, but have taken into consideration all factors. We feel like covered stages are absolutely essential in putting on the best event possible.

Zero Waste Event:

What Is a Zero Waste Event?

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We take our impact on landfills very seriously, which is why we’ve teamed up with Zero Waste Event Productions. There will be a $2 Zero Waste fee on top of your ticket at the gate. A $2.00 Zero Waste fee is also charged at checkout for pre sale tickets.

Zero Waste Event Productions aims to divert as much waste as possible from the landfill through recycling, reuse and composting. We believe in a philosophy that all “waste” is really a resource. Your trash is our treasure.

So what can you do to help?

In the spirit of a true Zero Waste event we encourage all festival goers to consider taking these simple steps to help us out and make this the greenest fest yet!

– Bring a refillable water bottle and gallon jugs of water rather than individually wrapped water bottles.

– Recycle and compost everything you can at our “resource recovery stations”

– Make sure you take your camping gear with you when you leave.

– Pay attention to signs and drop off sorted waste at the proper location at the end of the festival

Festival Rules:

What Are The Rules of The Festival?

-No pets.
-Unauthorized vending is not permitted.
-No illegal drugs, weapons, fireworks or nitrous tanks are allowed on the festival grounds. Violators will be ejected from the facility. We want to provide a fun, and safe environment that EVERYONE can enjoy.
-No underage drinking.
-No glass.
-No laser pointers.
-No Chinese lanterns.
-No driving any gas/electric vehicles on the campground. (Golf carts, atvs, scooters, dirt bikes, etc).
-Listen to and respect the staff.
-Please bring everything you need. We highly discourage re-entry, and will be charging $10 per occurrence.
-Be respectful. Don’t keep your neighbors up all night. Please do not play loud music from your vehicle.
-Pick up your trash, and any trash you see. Please respect the environment and do not create unnecessary waste!
-Park only in designated areas! Violators will be towed at the owners expense.
-We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone, or anything we deem to be dangerous to the festival.


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