IlluminEra Studios

"Seeing art and creativity as an all encompassing participatory activity made us want to engage people in our everyday world. The boundless creativity that is present in progressive gatherings inspired us to unleash this inspiration and ingenuity in our community. " - IlluminEra Studios

Burn Unit

Fire and Flow with The Ohio Burn Unit

Ohio Burn Unit full service live entertainment SFX company that does a mind blowing, jaw dropping, comedy-packed show full of entertainment for all ages.



We are excited to have IlluminEra Studios and Jelly Dome back at the ledges this year for Pyro De Mayo! Look for their great installations featuring the famous comfy tentacle swings.

Brad Civic

Brad Civic

Professional metal art studio showcasing industrial metal fabrication and welding background with an artistic sculptural finesse. Brad Civiv will be creating sacred geometry inspired art installations at Pyro De Mayo this year

Space Rangers

Space Rangers

The United SpaceRangers Association is a community of artists and entertainers, farmers and free thinkers, engineers and social sculptors dedicated to promoting peaceful positive change in our world. We aim to build and nurture a self-sustainable culture that fosters our earth and supports and protects our spiritual and creative freedom.

Becauseof the lotus

Because Of The Lotus

Symbiotically fusing fine art with digital art, while creating a space where the art can be viewed as a new medium, with the viewer being fully immersed in the piece. Paintings, murals and other inanimate objects are brought to life using the arts of Projection Mapping, 3D and 2D animation, and Laser Projection. The use of biofeedback equipment, specifically a wireless EEG headset, allows participants to control the digital art based on brainwave pattern. The installation has displayed over 50 times at some of the world's premier music and arts festivals and fairs, including Suwannee Hulaween, Envision Festival, AURA, Purple Hatter's Ball, Gratifly, Fool's Paradise, Wild Woods, Visionary Arts Fair with Alex Grey, Miami River Art Fair, and many more.


G.MAX Interactive Theater

An Interactive Multimedia Art Sculpture. We started by gaining recognition with the debut of our 12 x 24 foot video wall, and have evolved into a Flow stage, a Wall of Flow even. We are the show inside the show.

Ken Om Crampton

Drum man, show man, dragon man, exhibition man Ken Om Crampton is bringing enough music instruments for up to 500 people! His dragon parade outfits! His dome! And will be holding drum workshops, kids activities and parades for all to get involved in at Pyro!!!

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